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Are you a Windows user? Is your computer laggy and slow even though you have good enough hardware? Well, we have all been through this, when we click on MS word and it takes forever to open. In this article, we are gonna look at 10 ways Linux is just better.

1. stability

The one thing you can surely rely on when using Linux is that it's rock stable, random system crashes is one thing you will barely notice on Linux, no matter what "distro" of Linux you are using you are getting a stable OS that's for sure (of course except beta releases). With Linux, you can forget about that always feared Blue Screen of Death. Crashes on Linux are as frequent as Apple's price drops (comment down below if you didn't get the joke).

2. Ability to run on low-end machines

If you install windows 10 on your 15 years old PC it will probably burst up in flames (not literally). But with Linux, you can even use that old PC of yours, with decent enough smoothness, of course, you won't magically get a better PC but the user experience will be much superior. Although not every Linux distro is suitable for old PCs. Distros like Ubuntu with the gnome environment suggests a medium-range hardware configuration. Whereas, distros like Ubuntu Mate, Arch Linux, Absolute Linux, Lubuntu, and several others are specifically designed for low-end machines. You can choose any distro according to your needs. Oh, and by the way, there is a Linux distro called "Damn small Linux".

3. Lightweight

As it is pretty clear from the above points, Linux is pretty lightweight. The resource consumption of Linux is very low for almost all the distros, even some being as low as 300MB of RAM on idle. Even though some distros desire a little more on the hardware segment but still it is pretty low demanding when compared to windows.

4. Support

Linux has a great community that is both helpful and kind, anytime if by chance something breaks there probably will be a solution posted somewhere. If you ever run into a problem you can find various google search results on how to fix that. Although windows do provide call center helplines, but ya we all know what's the catch in that.

5. Security

Okay, this now is a common misconception that "Linux can't catch a virus", no you are wrong it can BUT hackers don't generally develop viruses and malware for Linux, one of the reason is that Linux is open source, which means even if something weird is going on you can probably fix it yourself, another thing is that Windows has a much much bigger market share than Linux, so it will be profitable for the hacker to target a windows machine rather than a Linux machine.

6. Transparency

One of the best things about Linux is that it's completely transparent about what it's doing, you can anytime check exactly what is happening with your computer, with an added benefit of not being tracked, unlike those hidden background processes on windows.

7. Open-source

Linux is completely open-source, which means you can get the source code of the kernel, and also if you are into developing you can release your own version of the OS or as they call it "distro". One of the upsides of being open-source is that you can know exactly what it's doing to your computer.

8. Free to use

Okay, now the most important part, Linux is completely free!!! It seems too good to be true right?? Yes, I know but believe me, it is. You can download any Linux distro (which there are thousands of) and install it in your system without any activation cost whatsoever. And can keep using it forever without any interruption.

9. Ease of use

This is also a major misconception that "You need to be a tech god to use Linux", no you don't! Almost everything you do in a terminal (Command-line interface for Linux) can be also done on a Graphical interface as well, just like windows or mac. Although if you can use the CLI (Command Line Interface), it will surely help with more advanced usage. Anyway, most of the users don't really do any advanced tasks. But if you are a developer, working on a Linux environment will be way better. Also sometimes using the command line interface is easier than using the graphical user interface (Ya!! trust me!).

10. Powerful

Linux is an extremely powerful operating system, it enables various possibilities for developers, and considering all the above-mentioned points you are for sure getting a powerful Operating System. Which is both faster and better with a rock-solid base, pretty good support, and is extremely secure.

Bonus Point: customizable

Linux is highly customizable, that means you can literally pick up any Linux distro and can customize it just to the point of your satisfaction. There are thousands of options you can choose from and customize it to your liking.

Bonus Point: Frequent updates

Linux rolls out updates in a very frequent manner, and you can choose to update your system anytime you want even you can choose not to update if you want (that is not recommended though). Also which can be done both graphically and also with an easy set of commands.

BUT not everything is perfect, there are few downsides to Linux as well!!

Other than all this good stuff, some things are just not for everyone. Some of them are listed below...

Not really the best os for Gamers: Although now many developers have shifted their scope towards Linux gaming. But still, windows is a better OS if you are considering gaming to be your primary focus.

Lack of proprietary software support: As being an open-source OS, Linux doesn't really have a lot of support for proprietary software like MS Word, adobe premiere pro, photoshop, and a few others. But there are open source alternatives available that will work just fine, for example, Libre Office is an open-source cross-platform alternative for MS Office, GIMP is an open-source alternative for photoshop.


So after all this, we stand at the point that Linux is a pretty awesome OS., and it will always be! But if you are planning to shift to Linux, do some research and know what are you getting into. But trust me if you do shift to Linux you won't regret it.

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