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Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Well, you don't really need an IDE specifically you can just notepad write your script and compile it later. Although technically this method can be used for larger projects but, to be honest, it will be just weirdly stupid.

An IDE (Integrated Development Environment) can turn out to be a very crucial part of your project development as it doesn't just let you write code, most of the IDEs come with very useful features to speed up and even improve your programming skills.

In this article, I will list out the 5 best C/C++ IDEs. There will be a simple explanation about each IDE and its features so that it is easy for you to choose one from the list. Do note that any IDE which you can use for C++, you can also use the same for C, that's because C++ is just Object-Oriented C. So without any further pre-discussion let's look at some of the best C/C++ IDEs.

You can go to the download page for each IDE by clicking the title.

Best C/C++ IDEs

1. Visual Studio Code

VS Code is a modern and open-source IDE developed by Microsoft. It is one of the best IDE for virtually everything. It is a cross-platform IDE that means available for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. It provides great features like a nice command-line interface, high-quality API, code snippets, automatic code completion, integrated Git, and much more awesome features.

One of it's most prominent features is code collaboration which lets you collaborate and work with other developers working on the same project.


  • Project manager

  • Collaboration

  • Auto-hide

  • command window

  • Debugging support

  • document navigation

  • open-source and free

  • syntax highlighting

  • Not restricted to only C/C++ development

  • Supports virtually every programming language (if set up properly)

  • Can launch a browser session right in the development environment


  • Initial setup is required for configuring it for different file types

  • some things might be a little tricky to new eyes

2. Code:: Blocks

Code:: Blocks is an awesome IDE for C/C++ development, it gives you all the necessary tools required for a seamless development experience along with a user-friendly interface.

It is open-source which makes it a very good choice. It supports C, C++, Fortran. It is also cross-platform, which means you can use it in Linux, Windows or Mac OS. It is the best thing you can get for a beginner and if you wanna get started painlessly in a few clicks. But if you are a beginner and wanna get started the easiest way be sure to download Code blocks with MinGW. (the link which says "codeblocks-20.03mingw-setup.exe")


  • Open-source

  • It's just a install and go thing, no initial setup is required

  • beginner-friendly

  • Cross-platform (supports Linux, Windows, Mac OS)

  • No proprietary libraries needed

  • Code completion

  • Syntax Highlighting

  • Easy navigation

  • Good community

  • supports C, C++, Fortran

  • Of course completely free

3. Dev C++

Dev C++ is also an open-source software and it is considered one of the best C++ IDEs.

As of now, Dev C++ can only be used in Windows, so it is not really cross-platform. It has advanced features like automatic code completion, tool manager, integrated debugging, syntax highlighting, and so on.


  • Code completion

  • Tool manager

  • Syntax highlighting

  • Print support

  • CVS support

  • Project Manager

  • Integrated debugger


  • Not cross-platform

  • restricted to only C/C++ development

4. Eclipse

Eclipse is one of the simplest and most powerful IDEs. This is an open-source, cross-platform IDE which means it is available in Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. It has some very useful features such as debugging, code compiling, auto code completion, profiling, refactoring, static code analysis, drag and drop feature, and so on.


  • Coding shortcuts 

  • Autocorrection 

  • Refactoring 

  • Diffing files 

  • Organizing reports 

  • Formatting source codes

  • easy to use

  • simple

  • cross-platform

  • open-source


  • The UI is kinda outdated

  • Some initial knowledge might be required

5. Atom

Atom is a very popular IDE amongst developers as it is one of the highly configurable text editors which is free for personal and commercial developments. It was developed by GitHub and has a very large community. It is a cross-platform IDE also maintaining a very clean and minimalistic look which is one of the other reasons for it being popular.


  • Cross-platform support

  • auto-completion

  • Package manager

  • Plugins support

  • Multiple panes

  • Option to find and replace text

  • Supports command palette


  • Not the easiest initial setup

  • Not the most lightweight one


Well, choosing the correct IDE is a very important part for a developer and IDE hopping is the best way to do it in a long and painful way but that will be based on your own preference. But this article focuses on what we think is the best overall IDEs so choose one from the list start your beautiful journey.

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