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First, let's make one thing clear, that's the best thing with any Linux distro is that if you have a little knowledge about how to work your way with Linux, you can start with any Linux distribution and get it exactly to your linkings. But when it comes to a more out of the box experience getting your hands on a better-polished distro is kinda important.

Here is a list of the top 5 Linux distros you can get in 2020.

1) POP OS 20.04

The new POP OS 20.04 is the latest release by system 76 based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, overall it is a very polished distro with a great support community. It comprises great stability along with performance and good looks. Although there are some minor bugs here and there hopefully, they will fix it on later updates.


  • Great performance.

  • It offers a very minimalistic desktop. Looks good overall.

  • Stability and support.

  • Based on Ubuntu 20.04.

  • A separate version for Nvidia and AMD GPU


  • Somethings are weirdly over-complicated out of the box, like to access the application launcher there is no panel menu or dock you have to go to the activity corner every time. But that's not a big deal as you can fix it by tweaking some settings.

  • Oversimplified desktop: well for some it is an improvement as the desktop is completely empty. It's just your wallpaper, some might find it useful whereas some take it as a con.

download link for POP os: https://pop.system76.com/

2) Linux Mint 19.3 cinnamon

Linux mint is the jack of all trades it is also an Ubuntu-based distro but it runs the cinnamon desktop environment unlike gnome in Ubuntu, it offers solid performance, it is rock stable and it balances the amount of simplicity and user experience just the right ratio. The reason it is on the second number is that out of the box it looks kind of old fashioned, but it offers really good customizability and for a beginner if you want to learn how to use Linux and become a power user, Linux mint is a great starting point.


  • Extremely responsive and fast.

  • Very low resource consumption.

  • It even supports older hardware pretty well.

  • A good starting point for beginners if you want to become a power user.

  • Highly customizable.


  • A little old fashioned out of the box

  • Few bugs here and there (no major bugs though)

  • based on an older version of Ubuntu (But that doesn't make any real difference just the UI looks less modern).

download links for Linux mint: https://linuxmint.com/download.php

3) Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is the latest release by Ubuntu. It a very well made Linux distro with great support, stability, and a really modern desktop. As the history of Ubuntu goes pretty long back, it has grown a very large community, which is very helpful. Along with having LTS(Long Term Support) Ubuntu offers a very good blend of User experience and Usability.


  • Great community support.

  • The base for many other Linux distros.

  • Stable and smooth user experience.

  • looks modern


  • May require a little newer hardware.

download link for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS: https://ubuntu.com/

4) Elementary OS

If you are looking for a distro that can get you away from the terminal, Elementary is the one it looks just awesome, it has a great desktop environment. And for people who are shifting from mac, it is a great starting point. It is a very good distro for beginners.


  • The desktop environment looks awesome.

  • It is designed pretty well.


  • Sometimes you may encounter some bugs

  • Have a little weird window management system.

  • By default the apps on the store will try to get you to pay, you will have choose not to pay anything, every time you want to download something. It's not a big deal though but some times it's a little frustrating.

  • There arent many preinstalled apps by default.

Download links for elementary OS: https://elementary.io/

5) Arch Linux

Ok, this is not for beginners, the reason it made it to the list is that the amount of customizability you can get with is incomparable. You can configure each and everything according to your own needs. This is a very efficient Linux distro, as the resource management and usability completely depend on the user's needs. But you will have to know your way with Linux to configure everything correctly.


  • Extremely efficient

  • Customizable

  • Best for advanced users


  • Not at all for beginners.

  • You literally have to install everything on you own.

  • No graphical User interface for installation.

  • and no GUI present out of the box.

download link for arch Linux: https://www.archlinux.org/download/

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