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If you have been following this website by now you must know that I am a Linux nerd. I just love Linux, it is faster, more secure, open-source, just awesome.

So, if you also love Linux you are at the right place. In this article, we are gonna list out the 5 most beautiful Linux distro.

Ok, again I say this in every post. You can literally pick any Linux distro, configure and customize it to your own liking. Whenever I post anything about this type of topic it focuses mainly on a more out of the box experience.

So, without any further due, let's look at the 5 most beautiful Linux distros.

1) Deepin OS

Deepin OS looks just awesome, it has a really good blurred theme and a pretty clean overall look. It is a Debian based Linux distro, so if you are a Debian based user it will be a comfortable shift for you. But apart from being good looking, it has some downsides, it is not the most stable Linux distro you can get, because its still on development phase. And also there aren't many customization options available. Although it looks pretty decent just as it is.


  • Debian Based

  • A very clean and minimalistic look

  • Easy to use


  • Still on beta phase

  • Not much of customization options

  • Not the lightest Linux distro

  • You may encounter a few bugs


I personally use Kubuntu as my daily driver and guys trust me it's freakin awesome. Kubuntu is Ubuntu with the KDE desktop environment. It looks just awesome. There are tons of customizability options, it is very stable. And also not that much resource-heavy. You can change the whole look of your OS just by installing a simple theme, which by the way there are hundreds of. Although some things are a bit tricky to do but that's really not a big deal, there is a way around to do everything.


  • Looks awsome

  • Tons of customizability options

  • Very stable

  • LTS version available


  • some things are a bit tricky to do.

3)Zorin OS

Zorin OS is an Arch Linux based distro. Overall it is pretty good distribution, as it is based on Arch you might think that it will have that terminal installation, but no, specifically Zorin OS installation is very easy, it's a complete GUI based experience. And apart from the installation, the UI is also very clean and minimalistic. If you were a Windows user then it will be a very easy shift for you.


  • Simple and clean look.

  • Responsive

  • Stable


  • It might be a little tricky to use who are switching from Debian

4) Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Okay now it's not common to see a native ubuntu version in the list of beautiful Linux distro but trust me this time they nailed it. The new Ubuntu 20.04 LTS offers a very clean look along with a rock-stable base and a great community. Although in our testing some bugs were encountered but its fixable and not a big deal.


  • Rock stable

  • Great community

  • Great software support

  • Neat and tidy look

  • Everyone loves Ubuntu


  • There may be some bugs, for some user.

5)Elementary OS

Elementary OS is again a Debian based OS, which is kinda cool but personally speaking, I am not a big fan of it, one of the reasons being everything is over-complicate, for an instance if you want to install anything from the store you will have to choose not to pay anything every time. Its really not a big deal but sometimes it gets annoying.


  • Simple UI

  • Stable


  • Overcomplicated basic tasks

  • Not much customizability

  • workflow is kinda slow

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