Is console gaming better than PC ? | Which one should you choose? -thebytewise

Now, this is an extremely controversial topic to speak on. There has been a never-ending debate between console gamers and PC gamers, that which is better. Well, there is no one answer to this, both have their advantages and disadvantages, for some situations a PC is better but for some console is.

I know this sounds weird at first but all of this is gonna make sense in a while, trust me!

Where console is better?

If you are only focusing on gaming and I literally mean only! then you should not think about getting a PC. I mean if you are on a tight budget. It is true that a console can never be as good as a PC when it comes to things other than gaming, but if you are a budget gamer who just wants to play games on decent enough frame rate, then a console is the way to go for you. And also if you want to set up just a casual gaming rig in your bedroom using a console setup will be much better and also practical, because comon let's be serious, you don't want a janky keyboard in your bed.

Where PC is better?

Okay, this is it, there is no doubt that PC is always the best thing you can get when it comes to a desk setup gaming rig getting a PC will be much more practical than a console. But when it comes to budget gaming. Uuh, yaa PC gaming ain't cheap, to get decent enough performance and good gaming experience you will have to spend a bit. But on the bright side, a PC is always way more useful and powerful than a console. Consoles generally can't play at more than 60fps other than the new PS5. But with a PC the sky is literally the limit. You will get awsome performance with any game whatsoever, assuming that you have good enough hardware. And that's another thing you can upgrade a PC whenever and however you want. Although technically you can upgrade a console but that gives rise to other issues.


So which one should you choose? Well, the answer to this depends on what exactly do you want and how much are you willing to spend. If you just want to do gaming, getting a console will be best as you can get decent performance for a low price. But if you are going for multifunctional applications then definitely go for a PC.

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