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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word "cookies", of course, most people will be expecting a delicious treat? But sadly we are not going to talk about those cookies in this article we are gonna talk about "computer cookies".

What is a computer cookie?

Computer Cookies (Also known as an HTTP cookie, web cookies, or Internet cookies) are actually small data by a website that is stored on your computer, by the web browser. Cookies are actually designed to let websites remember data about the user. Like items on your shopping list, your auto-fill information, etc.

What do computer cookies do?

Well, the main purpose of a cookie is to store data about the user as stated above, which might sound a little concerning as it is but it isn't always as bad as it sounds. Just imagining how frustrating it would be to add something to your Amazon shopping cart and when you click a link, again everything from your cart is gone. Without cookies, your shopping cart will be reset to NULL (Empty) every time you click a new link on the site.

How long does it stay on your computer?

The actual time of the cookie may vary on the type. Session cookies are used only when a person is actively navigating a website. As soon as the user goes out of the website, the cookie disappears.

Although Tracking cookies can be used to create long-term records of a person visiting any site multiple times.

Is it really safe?

Well, when it comes to security, there is a lot of concerns about internet security, although cookies themself don't present a threat to privacy or security, it can be made available to a third-party website or service. But cookies don't collect any hidden pieces of information, most of the information collected is voluntarily provided by the user or the web servers already have. And it shouldn't be concerning unless you are one of those over paranoid guys.

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