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Are you extremely annoyed by those popup ads on your browser or your mobile games? Well did you know you could block those ads on all your devices alltogether, Seems a little too good to be real right? Well, you can use pi-hole for this, and forget about ads.

What is pi-hole?

Pi-Hole is an open-source project. You can install Pi-Hole on literally any Linux based Operating System, starting from Linux based servers to NAS Operating Systems.

Pi-Hole is a Network Level ad blocker, which means, once configured the user can block ads on all of the devices connected to the same network, it can be installed literally anywhere starting from large companies to small households. As it is a DNS(Domain Name System) level ad blocker, it will scan everything and anything that is passing through the network.

For installing Pi-hole All you need to do is to install any Linux operating system and just run a simple command and after that, it's just a few basic configuration steps. Once configured it can be left connected to the router (or any network interface) forever and will consume very less power too (if you are using Raspberry Pi).

Also if you are a developer and you want to further improve or use Pi-hole’s source code on your own open source project you can easily download Pi-Hole’s source code from their Github repository.

Features of Pi-Hole.

  • Easy to install The installation process requires you to only run one command and it will do everything for you after installation you can configure it according to your needs.

  • Responsive It speeds up the feel of everyday browsing by caching DNS queries.

  • Lightweight It is a very lightweight software, which means it will have a negligible impact on your machine.

  • It can work over both IPv4 and IPv6

  • Cross-Platform: It is a cross-platform system which means once configured it can be used on all the devices, starting from laptop to TVs.

  • Free It is open source, thus making it absolutely free for everyone.

  • Easy to Use: It offers a web-based GUI to manage and configure the system

  • Usability: You can use it to filter particular websites, you can use it for parental monitoring and a whole lot of other functionalities.

What is open-source software?

An open-source project is a non-profit project which means the developer/company that worked on the project will not be selling it instead everything related to it will be out in the public so that anyone can use the initial source code. As the source code is available for everyone to use, if you want to develop something new using that code you can easily download the source code of the project and recreate something new or improve the product further.

Although being an open-source project you cannot sell the software for your own profit. It was built for the community and by the community. But you can certainly accept donations for further improving the software.


Pi-Hole’s official website -:


Installation and setup guide -:


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