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We all at some point in our lives have used an HDMI cable for what so ever reason. We generally don't think much about these things, we just grab the nearest HDMI cable we can find and use it. But if you have noticed carefully you might see that most of the HDMI cables are termed as "HDMI with Ethernet" or "High-speed HDMI". Although this is nothing new HDMI with Ethernet cables has been around for a few years now, but still, it's a very unknown topic to speak about. So, what exactly does this mean? Does it mean that you can use HDMI cable to use the internet? Well, read along with the article to find out about the exact meaning of "HDMI with Ethernet" and how is it used.

What is HDMI with Ethernet?

HDMI stands for "High-Definition Multimedia Interface", and since it was first introduced in the early 21st century it has gain popularity in a rapid exponential manner, it is now pretty much the standard for the transfer of digital video and audio signals for nearly all media applications. The latest version of HDMI can support extremely high speeds required according to today's video application, deliver 4K and 3D high-definition signal in perfect digital quality, and can transmit up to 32 channels of surround-sound audio.

The HDMI 1.4 standard first launched in 2009, comes with plenty of new and improved featured including ethernet over HDMI. This can be used to transmit an Ethernet signal at up to 100 Mbps between IP-based devices with the HDMI cable itself without any need for an external RJ45 connector. Considering most home network connections 100 Mbps is a pretty amazing data transfer rate. This feature significantly reduces the complication of network management.

Although sadly even today most of the devices don't really completely use this feature but it is a really useful innovation.

Where will you probably use an HDMI with Ethernet cable?

Firstly, an important thing to take in notice is that for the ethernet connection to work properly, you must be connecting two devices which each support Ethernet over HDMI. But as stated above not many devices use this feature as of now, which will mean that there may be a chance that in future HDMI with ethernet becomes pretty much the standard for all multimedia devices but as of now, there isn't any way you can actually use it.

Apart from that the new HDMI standard also comes with a lot of other features and improvements. Like of course better video quality and compatibility and many more.


So, after all this discussion the conclusion stands that although this is a very great feature for multimedia consumption and easy networking but in accordance with today's technology there aren't many ways you can utilize this feature, it's still a technological advancement that is ahead of its time.

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