Why is Apple playing it dumb?? Or is it a little too smart???

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Ok, first of all, I am not saying Apple is completely useless, this article is just based on my personal thinking and along with some known facts that you just can't deny, and I don't mean to offend anyone in any way. And, SPOILER ALERT!!! This article does contain a lot of non-apple things and is a bit of a controversial topic, so if you are an i-Person, please stop reading this right away. And if you do decide to go on with this article then yeah, I can't say much, just don't curse me in the comment section. Although, everything will be pretty relatable. Without any more waiting lets dig in...

Why are they charging you so much?

Okay, let's settle on this first, I don't think anyone can deny that. Apple products somehow symbolize luxury, although Apple was always aiming for luxury with their products, to be honest, there is no point of luxury in tech, a phone is a phone just a logo isn't gonna make it any better. Okay, I know, now some of you will be going, "Apple no bad, Apple good, Apple good performance!!". Ya!! I agree some of the products are actually really good, like the new "magic" keyboard, that is a pretty useful piece of technology which is both practical and easy to use apart from the insanely high price point it's a worthy investment if you really wanna use your iPad more efficiently, and also the trackpad they use on their laptops are just incomparable, it is the best trackpad you can get on a Laptop. BUT they make something good and mess up another, let's take the new iPhone SE, this apparently lies in the "budget" segment which by the way starts from $400 dollar (in the US, in countries like India it starts from $562 ), one thing to agree is that the performance is really really good, but does it really helps to have an insanely powerful chip on a 4.7-inch screen that isn't even full HD. The answer is no, although no doubt you will see a bit of performance improvement on backend tasks like rendering graphical content and videos, but really why will you be editing videos on an iPhone that too on a 4.7-inch screen. Apart from that, there are numerous things that don't make sense. There are a lot of other Android smartphones for $400 that will actually be a good value for money product. Ok, again, I am not saying androids are perfect in fact due to the really good integration of the Apple ecosystem IOS actually performs pretty awesome on all of their phones, but when it comes to the hardware they do some weird things that no one can understand.

So why the extra cost?

There is a tendency of Apple to charge a little extra for everything, like the MacBook air, the base model still costs around $1000, and it is running a 1.6 GHz i5 processor and a mere 8 gigs of RAM, any windows PC around that price segment will beat the hell out of the MacBook in a matter of seconds.

So, why are they charging the extra money you ask? Well, it's because of us, we can't deny the fact that everyone seeks that "luxury" status regarding anything and everything even though we are paying more for the same hardware which by the way isn't illegal, we are happy with getting that luxury status with a few compromises here and there.

Okay so let's talk reality now, when we bundle all the hardware inside the Mac air, the cost only comes up almost half as of the real price, ya to be completely transparent the build quality of an Apple product is good, not the best, but good so let's give them some points for that, still that is really expensive. How exactly would you like to spend your $1000 on a decent performance PC or the MacBook air base model??

Something "MAGIC"

Ok, first of all, it is not magic to have metal connection pads for connecting a keyboard. Although let's cut them some slack here, the new iPad keyboard is pretty cool.

The Big WHYYY?

The first question that comes to my mind every time apple releases something useless is whyyy?? It's not that everything is useless but some stuff just doesn't make sense, for an instance why would apple release freakin $700 wheels moreover why would they even release wheels in the first place, no seriously, what's the actual use case of those things, the mac "pro" has to be always connected to the power outlet anyway, so I don't really see a way you can actually use the wheels in a home environment, although in professional workplaces the wheels can be used to easily move around the of the mac pro, but really let's be honest, it's not like it weighs a ton. And most probably you won't even need to move it that much anyway.

What does actually make sense?

Okay, if you made it to this much without having thoughts of killing me, then you probably are a windows user, but let's be honest some of the things, Apple just does it perfectly. Almost all of their products actually have a pretty good build quality, along with their fine-tuned operating system, even underpowered PCs runs pretty smooth on that. Also the new airpod is pretty cool.

And also no one knows what they do with their cameras, but it's really really good. So, getting an Apple device isn't completely full of compromises, it's just that somethings are good but somethings just don't make sense.


So, after all this, apple still is gonna roll out the same products, and as customers, we are gonna still buy it for the "luxury" status. But apart from that Apple does really need to get in their senses and really roll out something actually "budget".

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